Find all our work in Graphic Design, Web Design and Paper Art Design!
We also present our branding creations!


  • Wildvertising and Lacoste L!ve called on the experience of INK studio in paper art design to create a pop-up book unique in its genre.
  • This year 2015 is marked by the renewed visual identity of INK studio. An entirely new web design and this new 2015 Paper Art Design!
  • INK studio has compiled a selection of the logos created for our projects. Along with Web Design and Paper Art Design, Graphic Design is a cornerstone of INK.
  • For UCM Eco-Conception INK studio created a Paper Art Design in which paper cyan “plusses” shade toward green and the ecological transition.
  • The Tibetan restaurant momo turned to INK studio for the branding of its sustainable establishment. A mandala also adorns the Momo restaurant.
  • Brice Vandermeeren (BV Photographie) is an artwork photographer. For him, INK studio created customised branding adapted to his needs.
  • One of the flaghip creations of INK studio, in particular on Behance, the Paper Dragon is a creation blending paper art design and fantasy!
  • For the Georges butcher shop and its Smoked Meats, INK studio concocted a logo, a web design and aprons reflecting the branding!
  • The Girafeo video studio called on INK studio to create its branding. From the logo to the web design for the site, a whole new identity was created.
  • The Air agency and its client Planet Parfum called on INK studio for Paper Art Design quilling that was exhibited in the perfumeries for the holidays.
  • Aquaponiris combines aquaculture and hydroponics. INK studio took on creation of the branding and the visual identity for this sustainable project.
  • Every year, INK studio wishes you a Happy New Year in paper art! For 2013, a colourful and quirky celebration was in the works.
  • The Réseau Solidarcité wall fresco, the basis of, in particular, its logo and web design, is an INK studio production!
  • A new collaboration of INK studio with Wildvertising, this blooming pop-up was produced for the perfume Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana.
  • INK studio celebrates Carnaval in paper design and graphically! With these masks, emotions merge with the imagination.
  • The basis for the Art Truc Troc poster and logo were created by INK studio. A paper art visual in keeping with the spirit of this event!
  • INK studio produced all the branding as well as the visual identity for Acar Up, the anti-dust-mite product. Point-of-sale advertising and packaging were also created.
  • This paper art was designed for the campaign Don t text, whistle and drive of the Touch Lebanon operator. A creation that inspires a good mood!

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