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Graphic Design | Logo | Visual Identity | Flyer & Folder | Newsletter | Technical Illustration | Pictograms & Icons | Webdesign | Totem | Laser Engraving
Village partenaire 2013

The Aquaponiris logo is an INK studio inspiration and production, along with the educational leaflet, the technical illustration and the web design and website development!
The visual identity of the graphic design is in line with the eco-friendly and innovative concept of aquaponics.
INK also created the totem at the entrance to the module, featuring a woodcut!

Aquaponiris logo and graphic design of the branding for the ecological project
Graphic Design of the typography used for the Aquaponiris branding
Graphic Design of the explanatory pictograms for the work of Aquaponiris
Woodcut of the Aquaponiris logo
Overview of the graphic design of the Aquaponiris logo on a woodcut
Window sticker of the graphic design for the Aquaponiris logo
Overview of the greenhouse with graphic design features of the Aquaponiris logoGraphic design explanations for the Aquaponiris logo
Graphic design of schematic diagram for aquaponics at Aquaponiris
Graphic design of the flyers for Aquaponiris
Visual of the web design and branding for the Aquaponiris website
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