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Graphic Design | logo | Business Cards | Mandala | Interior decoration consultancy (MA Architecture)
Momo 2014

For this Tibetan restaurant with a sustainable concept, INK studio created the complete branding, from the logo to the front window.
Business cards and an illuminated mandala in the interior of the restaurant were also produced,
in the framework of a consultation on decor with the MA Intérieur firm.

Mo-mo logo, branding created by INK studio
Momo typography and branding on the window
Mo-mo logo and branding on the restaurant windowThe momo mandala and branding inside the restaurant
Another perspective on the branding of the mandala and the momo logo
The other branding of the momo mandalaCloseup of the momo logo and the branding on the mandala
Overview of the branding: momo logo and mandala
Outside view of the branding of the window and the momo logo
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