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Graphic Design | Branding | Logo | Packaging & Packshot | Visual Identity | Folders | Webdesign | Business Cards | Roll-Up | POS Advertising |
Domobios 2012-2015

Creation of all the branding: from the Acar’Up logo to the packaging, from the website to the visuals for social networks.
The graphic design style of the project evokes the efficacy of Acar'Up as well as the distinction of the brand.

Graphic Design of the Acar'Up logo by INK studio
Typography study for the graphic design, web design and point-of-sale advertising for Acar'Up
Colour study for the graphic design and web design features for Acar'Up branding
Overview of the graphic design for all the Acar'Up products
Short overview of the construction of the Acar'Up branding and logo
The Acar'Up point-of-sale display with the graphic design of INK studioThe Acar'Up packaging is a creation of INK studio
Packshot of the Acar'Up products and branding
Graphic Design of the Acar'Up documentation
Acar'Up display units and point-of-sale advertising in the pharmacy
Web design of the Acar'Up website
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