INK studio is a combination of Web Design, Graphic Design and Paper Art Design.
Specialists in the image, we merge the casal and the refined.


  • Michaël Collin CEO. Account Manager +32 (0)2 543 44 45 #
  • Cid. Cédric Philippi CEO. Art Director
  • Thibaut van Boxtel CEO. Art Director
  • Greg Mattheus Web Designer
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INK studio texturises your visual identity

We are multidisciplinary creators. Since 2006, we have endeavoured to promote graphic design and assert the INK style, and our signature has since been borne by numerous projects in Brussels and internationally. They are the result of a combination of:

  • -Visual communication, branding and graphic design (logo, graphic identity, print, packaging, point-of-sale advertising,...)
  • -The web (responsive, web design, CMS, development, applications,...)
  • -Photography (reportage, packshots, studio,...)
  • -Illustration (picto, traditional illustration and CAD, storyboards,...)
  • -Paper art design, the newcomer to the INK family!

Our raw materials are "passion and paper"! We work in this medium in an approach oriented toward tactile design and paper design as paper art. Our process combines the digital and the genuinely handmade. From the grain to the pixel, we trace, cut, fold, and assemble to give life and colour to your imagination.

One of our added values is eco-creativity! This 'green' aspect influences our daily work. It is intrinsic to every step in our projects until they are completed. We design differently.

What does INK give you?

  1. Colours, textures and volume.
  2. A unique and improved graphic identity.
  3. Consistency developed across all types of media.

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